Hell is explained and portrayed as this place of everlasting suffering, were in the afterlife the soul go to suffer and tortured, its ruler Satan or devil.

Heaven is said to be this place of pure love light and joy, where suffering does not exist and the ruler is God, the one and only creator.


But what if eve religion is talking about your self-awareness when they speak of god, and that evil force they speak of is the self-doubt? 

Can one truly be both a resident of heaven and hell, navigating the realms of joy and suffering within the same existence?


Since God is consciousness, the creator, the observer of everything, can be understood that there is only one consciousness, it has no form and can’t locate it no mater how hard it’s searched for. These bodies, the vessels that we can control is not who we are. God created this body, these bodies are just a way of consciousness expressing himself. Notice how your body is created within consciousness, its not the other way around. There are just objects that we are aware of. Notice the difference in saying “I’m the body’ and “I’m aware of the body”, there is a sense to both of those statements. You can not be what you are aware of because you are the awareness of it now.   

No experience of it can be you because you are the awareness of it now. If you were to directly connect with your consciousness by becoming aware of your awareness or awakening to who you are, you will begin to notice that the one who is aware is not affected by any experience that may be present, regardless if its your thoughts or feelings or a lie situation, the one who is aware is simply just aware, and the one who is aware is just at peace, its present , its not suffering, its accepting, its always been here in the background, its the place were suffering can’t exist, its gods presence, its your true being. Your Ego is simply your human aspect of this infinite awareness that is tied to earthly desires, attachments, and the illusion of separation). It is not something to be afraid of, to run away from or to worry about. So long you are playing the part of a human here in this 3D world, you will always be operating from the Ego. 


There is many terms for the figure of devil throughout many religions, but they always have one main theme in common is that it’s about confusion, destruction and chaos in a certain way, and we are all having one, we’ll confronted by this figure symbolically in a way. If we become unaware to our true being and become too attached to this world, we might end up in hell, a hell of our own making, the hell of self-doubt. Confusion and destruction and chaos will arise because the things that we have right now physically speaking, will all vanish again, if its about the people, they will pass away just like ourselves, if its about things they will break down eventually and we have to let go of them.


Then, what if heaven and hell, the good and bad they are both of or own making, and is up to us to learn how to navigate through the good times and bad times to end up in a much brighter spot in between these two polarities itself? When doubting in your abilities time comes to your life, what are you going to do when those doubts hit?, are you going to go along with them and then feel bad about yourself, or are you going to stand up for yourself spiritually speaking and say to that no, this is not the truth about my real potential, this is not who I really am I don’t have to be a limited being, I don’t have to listen to this doubt, don’t have to fear to be afraid that I will fail because I have the power to succeed and it comes from within me, it lies beyond the doubts its hiding inside, the depths of consciousness and we are just going to have to pull it up.


 There are evil in the world but it does not mean that we are not going to allow its issues of this to control us any longer so that we can perceive better ways of living and acting in a world like this. If you don’t do this you are going to find that all the chaos of this road is like a road block, is going to cause you to become unable to perceive good solutions the way out of the problems, but if you can turn your back to it symbolically inside your mind, meaning you are no longer attached to that, to the thing you observe then you’re able to open up your mind for deferents things, you are making space for better and different ideas to originate within you the will help you to overcome the chaos and doubts in your own individual life.


Is about becoming familiar with the process of directing your own mind and discovering the power of choice within you yourself, you can’t enter the kingdom of heaven full of doubts and worries. Think again! 

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