Our Vision

Isn’t open-mindedness a trait that we should strive to have? In this life, we will meet many people with a religion, a language different from ours and usually live in other cultures or simply have different beliefs.
Why close yourself off to hearing what others have to say, especially those with different points of view? Isn't it ignorant to rush to call him wrong or ignore what he has to say?
It is not about agreeing with someone and changing what you believe, but being curious about the opposite view, identifying the disagreement and seeing it as a reflective means to put critical and rational thinking into practice even sometimes in our own beliefs. Many times we live clinging to our ideas and beliefs which we should not let become part of our identity, we become hostile to the idea of being wrong. Our ego steps in and tries to counter all the evidence pointing to a rethink. Lucid Core proposes to offer an excursion of philosophical ideas, scientific and psychological theories, literary quotes and controversial topics (all collected in the history of humanity) with the purpose of promoting critical and rational thinking by choosing an attitude without prejudice.